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AP 614: Illness/Injuries at School


The Division recognizes the authority accorded parents/legal guardians of children.

The Superintendent directs staff members to refrain from offering consent for medical treatment of students.

However, in cases of injury or illness which occur to students on school grounds, in the school, or on a site where a school-sponsored activity is being held, the Superintendent expects the supervising teacher or Principal to act as a responsible guardian and seek immediate treatment.

Emergency student transportation authorized by staff members should be by the safest possible means.

The Superintendent, however, acknowledges in emergency situations, quick action may be critical to the health of the child.



  1. In case of emergency, where life may be threatened, the victim shall be immediately transported to a hospital by the safest and most expedient method possible.
    1. Where, in the opinion of the Principal transportation by ambulance is warranted, transportation shall be arranged immediately to the nearest medical facility.
      1. Where costs connected with ambulance transportation are not covered by private insurance, they will be assumed by the Division.
    2. Where, in the opinion of the Principal, transportation by private vehicle is warranted, the Principal shall either provide transportation to the nearest medical facility or (time permitting) contact the parent to provide
  2. In cases of emergencies, a parent or a relative of a student shall be notified immediately and asked to go to the hospital to assume responsibility for the victim.
  3. Hospitals may require authorization before they will give treatment. No staff member shall sign authorizations under any condition under the authority of the Division.
  4. If a person has had a serious injury that is not immediately life threatening, consultation with a qualified/certified first aid individual or doctor should occur prior to moving the victim.
  5. In other injury or illness cases, the Principal and/or a parent of a student, should be contacted and requested to take the victim home.
  6. If there is no telephone or if the relatives or parents cannot come to the school, a responsible person should be contacted and requested to escort the victim home.
    1. Injuries requiring treatment shall be reported immediately by the Principal to the Superintendent on the Injury Report Form and a copy shall be filed in the student record file.