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AP 612: Fire Drills


Fire drills are an essential part of all school safety programs.

The Principal has the responsibility for establishing, in accordance with the legislative and code requirements and in consultation with the local Fire Department, appropriate programs and procedures for the safe and orderly evacuation of students during a fire drill or actual fire emergency.


  1. Information
    The Principal shall ensure that fire drill procedures and a diagram showing two exits for each area are posted in each classroom and that teachers familiarize their students with fire drill exits and procedures.
  2. Frequency
    The Principal shall organize a fire drill during the first full week of school and at least three in each of the fall and spring terms.
  3. Participation
    All school building personnel will participate in the drills.
  4. Records
    The Principal shall keep a record of each fire drill, noting the date, the time for exit,
    and any unusual circumstances.