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AP 512: Employee Expense Reimbursements


School-based staff members incur personal financial expenses when they are required to travel away from their school for meetings, professional development, or other job required duties.


  1. School-based administrators must be able to operate within the NLPS  decision-making framework when determining support from the school budget.
  2. Division staff shall be compensated at the same rate as Board Members for travel and subsistence, and total compensation for school-based staff member expenses shall not exceed the amounts established in various categories for Board Members.
  3. Division staff shall use the prescribed online form to request reimbursement, which shall be submitted within 90 days of incurring the expense.
  4. School administrators should approve travel and subsistence in advance of any activity. Every effort shall be made to use division or school vehicles, or carpool as this procedure is not intended to support multiple vehicles traveling to the same event.