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AP 547: NLPS and School Branding


The Superintendent believes that Principals are responsible for the quality of communications with their staff, students, communities and within the Division. It is expected that schools will develop their branding in consultation with the Communication Department.

The effective use of School, Program and Division brand elements is an integral part of the school system’s visual identity program. It is expected that School, Program and Division logos will be protected and not appear in various altered states. The Division’s official corporate logo, branding elements and variations are detailed in the NLPS Branding Guide.


  1. The Northern Lights Public Schools corporate logo is to be used on all school letterhead, brochures, advertising, newsletters, programs, and other printed public communications.
  2. Wherever possible, the NLPS logo or branding elements are to be used on promotional items and clothing distributed to students, staff or the public, particularly items being used to promote division-wide initiatives.
  3. All NLPS logos and brand elements are available from the Division’s Communications department.
  4. The NLPS logo shall not be altered in shape, colour, or font.  Any deviation in the use of the logo from the guidelines detailed in the NLPS Branding Guide must receive prior approval from the Superintendent of Schools or designate.
  5. The NLPS logo may not be distributed to outside agencies or commercial enterprises without the permission of the Superintendent of Schools or designate.
  6. Schools are encouraged to develop their own distinctive logo and/or brand.
    1. School logos must be developed in consultation with students, staff and other applicable stakeholders. The Communications Department is available to assist with the engagement process and creation of branding elements, including logos.
    2. Logos must be original and not infringe upon the copyright of any individual or corporation. On occasion, images may be licensed for use by a school. The responsibility of obtaining legal copyright lies with the principal of the school. The school also assumes all related costs for licensing.
    3. The one “school” logo developed for the school must receive the prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools or designate.
    4. Schools wishing to create an additional logo for a sports team or school program may do so without losing the essential identity of the approved school logo. The school shall institute a branding guide within the school’s policy handbook.