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AP 544: Smoking, Vaping, Tobacco and Cannabis Products


To ensure compliance with the Tobacco and Smoke Reduction Act, the Division recognizes and accepts the responsibility to provide its students and employees with a safe, healthy and productive smoke-free work environment. The Division believes it has a responsibility to ensure students are not smoking or in possession of smoking paraphernalia or tobacco products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes) while they are at school or at a school activity. The Division further believes all adults in the school have a responsibility to act as positive role models for students.

Tobacco products can be harmful to one’s health; therefore, school environments must be tobacco free.


  1. All Division facilities shall be smoke-free and vape-free environments. This applies to all staff, students, parents and visitors on school property, including parking lots, inside vehicles, on sports fields and public areas.
  2. Appropriate signage will be placed in conspicuous places in all Division facilities and properties.
  3. Tobacco may be used on Division property for special cultural ceremonies as approved by the Principal.