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AP 522: Attendance at Fund Raising Events


The Division interacts with numerous public and private agencies which directly or indirectly support the educational goals of Northern Lights School Division. On occasion, these public or private agencies hold fundraising events intended to publicize their cause and raise funds to support current or future programs. Northern Lights School Division
No. 69 (NLSD) Board members, executive members, school administrators, or NLSD staff may, from time to time, receive invitations to attend such events.


  1. When a member of the Board or Executive receives an invitation to a fundraising event, that member may attend as a representative of Northern Lights School Division by a motion of the Board. Expenses relating to admission and travel will be reimbursed by the Board.
  2. When a Principal or staff member of the school receives an invitation to a fundraising event, that person may attend as a representative of the school. Expenses relating to admission and travel will be reimbursed by the site-based budget as authorized by the Principal of the school.
  3. When an individual receives an invitation to a fundraising event, that person may attend the fundraiser as a private citizen at their own expense.
  4. On occasion, the fundraising invitation may request the sponsorship of a table. Typically such a table would seat 8-10 individuals and symbolizes a significant contribution to the event. Sponsorship of a table for fundraising purposes requires a Board motion. Sponsorship of a table, using instructional dollars, requires the written
    permission of the Superintendent or designate.
  5. Individuals who are authorized to attend fundraising events on behalf of the Division or one of its schools are prohibited from making purchases, bidding on auction items, or committing funds to the cause of behalf of the Division. No public dollars are to be used.
  6. The Elections Finance Act expressly prohibits public funds being used to support fundraisers for political parties, individual politicians, or political causes. Individuals who receive invitations to such events must attend as private citizens and bear all related costs.