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AP 490: School Volunteers


The use of volunteers enhances the quality of learning and provides a positive relationship between the school, parents and the community. The participation of volunteers in performing tasks under the direction and supervision of staff is therefore encouraged. The Superintendent expects administrators to review confidentiality and ethical conduct issues with all volunteers and that volunteers will be screened in accordance with the attached regulations.


A volunteer is a person who assists schools and/or students either in curricular or extracurricular activities but does not include guest speakers, presenters, or visitors to the school.

A parent volunteer in a school is a parent, grandparent, or guardian, who currently has a child enrolled in and attending that school, or is a member of the community who continues as a volunteer in a school without interruption after the child has left the school.

A community volunteer is any member of the community who does not have a child enrolled in the school and who agrees to undertake, without pay, a designated task which supports a classroom, school or division-wide program.


  1. School administrators are responsible for the approval and coordination of volunteers in their schools.
  2. All community volunteers must complete the volunteer registration form for Northern Lights School Division.
  3. A volunteer cannot be assigned to assist a teacher without the teacher’s consent.
  4. School administrators must provide all volunteers with an appropriate orientation to the school. Such orientation should include relevant school and Division policies and regulations, an overview of their role and responsibilities and the expectations of the school.
  5. Volunteers are insured under the Division’s liability insurance policy only while they are acting within the scope of their duties as assigned by the administration, teacher or the Division. Volunteers are not insured under the Division medical or accident insurance policies for bodily injuries, which they may sustain while volunteering in
    Northern Lights School Division.
  6. All community volunteer applicants must provide a criminal record check and child welfare check.
  7. A principal may at his/her discretion exempt any community member from being required to provide a criminal records or child welfare check.