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AP 430: Support Staff


Support staff contributions enhance the quality of educational services.


A new position is one that has not existed previously in a particular school. A replacement position is one which has been vacated by a staff member and is to be filled by a different individual.

*Specific positions that exist through the end of June in a particular school year are not new or replacement positions when they carry over into the next school term. Examples of these would be secretarial, librarian, second language instructor, or home liaison positions. As well, student assistant positions that are student or program specific would not be considered new positions as long as the specific student or program remained in place the following September. When a student assistant is connected to a specific program or specific student(s) and that program is eliminated or the student leaves or moves to a new school, then the student assistant position is terminated. In such a case, presuming another student comes along or a new program is developed and a student assistant is required, then an open competition is expected to take place for the new position. An adjustment of a part-time position from 0.5 FTE to 0.6 FTE will not be considered as a new position.


  1. *New or *replacement support staff positions shall be filled through open competition preceded by advertising those same positions.
  2. Job descriptions shall be developed at site-based locations.
  3. When schools are considering either hiring new support staff or downsizing existing support staff, consideration of specific individuals shall include academic training and experience in a particular field or area of where the support staff member will be or is working with students or certified staff.
  4. Initial placement of employees within a wage category shall be done in accordance with these procedures.
  5. These procedures may be amended from time to time, but it is recognized and acknowledged that affected employee groups will first be provided an opportunity to comment prior to any changes to the procedures being implemented.