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AP 417: Suspension and Termination of Professional Staff Members


Alberta’s teachers, educational leaders, students, parents, and members of the public have a strong will to ensure all Alberta students have access to quality learning experiences that enable their achievement of the learning outcomes outlined in Programs of Study. As such, the Superintendent believes that all teachers, including Principals and Assistant Principals, are required to achieve the competencies as outlined in the Teacher Quality Standard and Leadership Quality Standard, follow the Policies and Administrative Procedures of the School Division, adhere to all legislated requirements and expectations, and obey lawful orders or directives of their supervisors or the Board.

As per Policy 11 of the Northern Lights School Division Board Policies, the Board has delegated authority to the Superintendent to suspend a teacher from the performance of a teacher’s duties or to terminate the services of a teacher in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act. 


  1. Suspension of Professional Staff
    1. The Superintendent may suspend the teacher from the performance of the teacher’s duties when or if:
      1. The Superintendent has reasonable grounds for believing that a teacher has been guilty of gross misconduct, neglecting the teacher’s duty or refusing or neglecting to obey a lawful order of the Board; or
      2. The Superintendent is of the opinion that the welfare of students is threatened by the presence of the teacher.
    2. In the event of the suspension of a teacher, the Superintendent will adhere to the steps and procedures as outlined in the Education Act.
  2. Termination of Professional Staff
    1. A contract of employment between a board and teacher automatically terminates at the time that: 
      1. The teacher’s certification of qualification is suspended or cancelled by the Minister; or 
      2. The teacher’s qualification expires.
    2. When the Superintendent has reasonable grounds, they may terminate the teacher and follow the steps and procedures as outlined in the Education Act.
  3. Appeals
    1. The suspension or termination of a teacher shall be conducted in accordance with the Education Act, and are not appealable to the Board. As per the Education Act, the teacher has the ability to appeal such decisions to the Board of Reference.