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AP 415: Professional Staff Reduction


The Division believes changing circumstances will, from time to time, require the Division to review the nature of the educational services provided and make adjustments to those services in order to ensure effective and efficient deployment of the resources available to the Division.

The Superintendent believes all aspects of a school's environment should be considered in retaining a teacher on that staff. Factors such as, but not limited to, the following may be significant.

  1. Student enrollments - current and projected;
  2. Financial resources - current and projected;
  3. Educational needs of students - current and projected;
  4. Curriculum - current and projected;
  5. Function of physical facilities - current and projected; and
  6. Consolidation of schools.

In consideration of those factors which it may from time to time deem important, the Division shall make such adjustments to the professional teaching staff as it deems necessary.


  1. The necessary professional staff reduction will first be effected through voluntary attrition.
  2. Where voluntary attrition does not result in the necessary professional staff reduction, the transfer of staff to other appropriate assignments shall be considered.
  3. Where voluntary attrition and/or transfers to other appropriate assignments fail to effect the necessary reduction, contracts of employment may be terminated by the Board.
  4. The Board is under no obligation to assign a teacher whose contract may be terminated, or has been terminated, to any vacant position.
  5. In determining which reduction to affect or contracts to terminate, the Superintendent will consider:
    1. The staffing requirements of all schools in the Division in relation to educational priorities and program needs within the Division.
    2. The professional preparation of staff in relation to Division and student needs. Professional preparation includes academic qualifications and experience in a particular field or area of teaching. Every effort shall be made to ensure that appropriately qualified staff are retained to teach programs approved by the Division; and 
  6. Prior to effecting a reduction or contract termination, the Superintendent shall advise professional staff in writing through open memo to the schools of the predicted numbers by which the staff is to be reduced.
  7. Following this, staff will be given two weeks to indicate their interest in voluntary resignation, voluntary retirement, voluntary leave of absence, voluntary change in work time status, voluntary acceptance of the professional staff early retirement program, or voluntary transfer to another position.
  8. The Superintendent, following consultation with principals, will determine which staff are to have contracts reduced and/or which staff are to have contracts terminated by applying the relevant criteria (5.1 to 5.2).
  9. Prior to effecting a reduction or contract termination, the Superintendent shall advise the professional staff member involved in writing as to the:
    1. nature of and reasons for the action to be taken;
    2. date and time at which the action shall take effect; and
  10. Wherever possible, decisions to terminate a contract of employment shall be communicated to the affected professional staff member 30 days prior to the effective date.