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AP 412-3: Support Staff Professional Improvement Assistance


The Division recognizes the concept of Professional Improvement Assistance. With rapid changes in the educational environment underscoring the need for staff to maintain the currency of their skills and qualifications, the Division recognizes the concept of Professional Improvement Assistance and is prepared to support un-certified staff in upgrading their skills and qualifications. The Division expects to provide some funding to all successful applicants and
recognizes this contribution may not pay the full cost of extensive programs like a Masters or Doctoral degree program.

The Division will consider the following criteria when granting Professional Improvement
Assistance application:

  • Value of the study or activity to the needs and programs of the Division;
  • Related experience of the applicant(s); and
  • The study schedule of the applicant(s).


  1. The financial support provided for Professional Improvement Assistance will be provided using the annual grant specified in the Terms of Employment.
  2. If the applicant is seeking approval for a course that requires time away from the school during the regular work day, the applicant must first seek school level approval from the Principal who will determine school requirements and costs associated with any necessary casual or term replacements.
  3. Successful applicants will be funded to a maximum of up to $500.00 (five hundred dollars) for courses successfully completed in the current school year. If there are not enough funds to cover this figure, the amount will be pro-rated for all applicants. That is, if $25,000.00 (twentyfive thousand dollars) is available and seventy staff complete courses costing $500.00 (five hundred dollars) each then applicant will receive $416.67 (four hundred sixteen dollars sixtyseven cents) each.
  4. Where the number of applications exceeds the available grant, and the first $500.00 (five hundred dollars) has been allocated to the applicants and there are still monies to be disbursed, then pro-rated amounts will be provided to each successful applicant.
  5. An individual, support staff employee will be eligible for a maximum of $6000.00 (six thousand dollars) of funding under the umbrella of this administrative procedure during their employment with NLSD No. 69.
    Northern Lights School Division No. 69 Administrative Procedure 412-3
  6. Applications must be submitted prior to the proposed commencement of the Professional Improvement activity.
  7. The Superintendent shall approve or reject applications within sixty (60) days of receipt of application.
  8. The amount of financial support may not be finalized until August, when the number of applications and the total cost of tuition fees and cost of courses is known.
  9. Financial assistance will be provided for post-secondary course tuition or for professional course fees intended to upgrade the academic qualifications or skills of the applicant.
  10. Financial assistance to offset the costs of tuition or fees will be paid after the applicant submits documentation showing successful completion of the approved course(s).
  11. The Superintendent reserves the right to approve or reject requests for reimbursement of tuition or fees for specific courses not deemed to be relevant to the needs and programs of the Division as will be delivered by the applicant.
  12. Failure by the individual to be employed with the Northern Lights School Division No. 69 the year following receipt of Professional Improvement Assistance money shall make that individual ineligible for payment of the initially approved funding.
    1. If the individual’s employment is not renewed due to staffing reduction, the
      individual will still qualify for receipt of Professional Improvement Assistance