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AP 357: Student Suspension and Expulsion


Northern Lights Public Schools believes where a student's behavior impacts upon the school environment, regardless of where it occurs, that:

  1. threatens the health, safety, or well-being of staff or students; or
  2. intentionally causes a significant disruption to the learning of students; or
  3. demonstrates flagrant or continued disregard of the Student Code of Conduct or other behavioural expectations; or is injurious to the physical or mental well-being of others in the school,

that student's right to attend class, school, ride a school bus, or participate in an activity approved or sponsored by the school or Division may be suspended as determined by the Principal. When necessary, the Principal may recommend that a student be expelled from the school.

The Board believes the Superintendent or designate is in the best position to approach expulsion issues from an educational and non-political perspective. The Board therefore delegates that recommendations for expulsion shall be made to the Superintendent or designate in order to conduct the hearings as required and make a determination of the expulsion recommendation from the Principal.


Suspension is defined as removal from an individual class, or removal from school for a period not exceeding five consecutive days. Students may also be suspended from participation in extracurricular or school approved activities, or suspended from riding the bus not exceeding five consecutive days. Only a school administrator can suspend a student from school.

Expulsion is defined as removal from a school or schools for a duration of more than 10 days. Only the Superintendent or designate can expel a student from a school.


  1. A teacher may suspend a student from one class period. A written report on each one class suspension shall be entered into log entries by the teacher.
  2. A principal may suspend a student from school, from one or more class periods, courses or education programs, or from riding in a school bus. Using a template provided, in the event of an out-of-school suspension a written letter with all pertinent information shall be provided to the parents or guardians, and a signed copy shall be forwarded to the division office.
  3. Where the student is being recommended for expulsion, the Principal shall inform parents or guardian in writing, using a template provided, of the recommendation within the five consecutive days of the student suspension. The Principal is expected to communicate the intent to recommend expulsion with the appropriate Senior Executive member, and provide a copy of the written letter.
  4. A hearing date and location will be established and communicated to the parents or guardians and Principal within ten school days inclusive of the first full day of suspension as required by the Education Act. Parents or guardians will also be advised that they have the right to an advocate.
  5. The Superintendent or designate will convene the hearing, allowing both the students and/or parents or guardians and the Principal to present their statements. Following the hearing, the Superintendent or designate will decide on whether or not to uphold the recommendation for expulsion or allow for the immediate return of the student to school, the length of the expulsion, and the possible conditions of return. This decision will be communicated to the parents or guardian prior to the end of the ten school days. Communication will include a written letter. Additionally, the Superintendent shall inform the parents or guardians of the appeal process in the event the recommendation for expulsion is upheld.
  6. In the event of an expulsion the Division continues to be responsible for the educational programming for the student, and will make and communicate appropriate arrangements. As per the Education Act, the expulsion from a school shall not extend from one school year to the next.