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AP 352: Student Substance Abuse


The Division is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students that is drug and alcohol free.

The Superintendent expects schools to provide age appropriate educational programs regarding the harmful effects of alcohol and drug use and abuse. Information and/or supports for counselling related to alcohol and drug abuse shall be made available to students and parents or guardians.


“Drugs” means any substance, inclusive of illicit drugs, restricted drugs, misused prescription or nonprescription drugs, and misused solvents, the use of which has the potential to cause impairment or intoxication, changing or affecting the way a student thinks, feels or acts. For further clarity, any reference to drugs includes cannabis.


  1. Students suspected of distributing, selling, possessing, consuming or under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on or near school premises or while participating in a school or school authority sponsored activity shall be reported to the Principal. The Principal will investigate and ensure appropriate consequences which may include suspension or recommendation for expulsion.
  2. Students in possession of paraphernalia related to the use of alcohol or drugs shall be reported to the Principal. The principal will ensure appropriate consequences.
  3. In the event that students are found distributing, selling, possessing, consuming or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the parent/guardian shall be notified immediately and requested to come to the school to pick up his/her child. Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be released from school without parent/guardian permission and accompaniment.
  4. A letter describing the circumstances and the disciplinary action shall be sent to the parent/guardian as required by the Education Act.
  5. The police shall be notified when, in the judgment of the Principal, a criminal act has taken place.
  6. Use of drugs for student’s personal medical requirements as prescribed by a licensed physician shall not be subject to disciplinary action. All medications must be stored and administered according to any Administrative Policies related to medications on school premises.