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AP 301: Admission of Non-Resident Students and Foreign Exchange Students


Students from foreign countries wishing to enroll in Division schools should be given the opportunity to attend if there is sufficient space in the school and there are programs available appropriate to the student's needs. The Superintendent believes that Principals are in the best position to make such a determination and sees a strong educational benefit in having foreign students enrolled in Division schools.


  1. Each foreign student (not Canadian citizens and whose parents reside outside of Canada) applying for admission to Northern Lights School Division shall forward to the Principal:
    1. Proof of legal name and date of birth verified by one of the following legal documents: birth certificate, passport, immigration papers, baptismal certificate, change of name certificate, or a certified copy of birth or marriage registration.
    2. A tuition fee as indicated in the International Student Handbook.
  2. On receipt of the proof of legal name, date of birth and tuition fee, the student will be issued a letter of acceptance for admission purposes from the principal. This letter is required for student visa application purposes.
  3. When registering at a school, the foreign student shall present a copy of the letter of acceptance and a valid student visa.
  4. The Principal shall be responsible for ensuring that the foreign student’s placement and programming and shall arrange for any additional assessment as necessary to determine the student’s educational needs.
  5. Fees for reciprocal foreign exchange students will be waived.
  6. Foreign students will be required to pay all other program fees applicable to resident students.
  7. Tuition and program fees are refundable, less an administrative fee, prior to registration. Once a foreign student is registered and has attended class, fees are non-refundable.
  8. More detailed international program information is contained in the Program
    Handbook posted on the Division website.