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AP 262: International Travel for Students


Northern Lights School Division (NLSD) recognizes the value of international travel for students. Organized excursions to study destinations outside Canada contribute to a student’s understanding of and appreciation for other historical and cultural perspectives. International travel contributes significantly to the development of students as global citizens.


  1. Northern Lights School Division will allow staff to advertise and organize educational and cultural trips, beyond Alberta, after receiving permission in writing from the Superintendent or designate to do so. Permission to organize is contingent on an acceptable proposal which includes approximate dates of travel, itinerary, approximate cost, educational objectives, and other pertinent information.
  2. Organization of international travel is typically limited to NLSD high school programs. Special exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances by the Superintendent or designate.
  3. International excursions are typically organized in conjunction with spring break. In order to minimize the loss of student instructional time, no more than four (4) instructional days may be used.
  4. There are many companies that offer student travel services. Not all of these companies are reputable. Therefore, the proposed travel itinerary must be submitted to the NLSD authorized travel service contractor to ensure that the selected service provider is reputable and that value for money is being received.
  5. A minimum of two parent-student meetings shall be held to discuss the terms, risks, and educational objectives of the excursion. Minutes of these meetings must be kept.
  6. An international field trip planning checklist has been provided to excursion organizers to ensure that proper preparation, planning, and documentation are in place. This checklist must accompany the request for final approval of the excursion.
  7. Students are required to sign the NLSD International Travel Waiver form. If the student is under the age of eighteen (18), the student’s parent or guardian must also sign the agreement.
  8. Travelers are required to purchase group travel and medical insurance to guard against unexpected travel and health emergencies. The travel insurance must provide coverage should the Board of Trustees, in their best judgment, decline permission to travel after deposits or payment has been paid to the tour operator. Note that typically the insurance policies themselves are non- refundable and non-transferable.
  9. Excursions to countries which Foreign Affairs Canada has designated as “Avoid nonessential or all travel” will not be approved. Note that on occasion, certain areas of a destination country may be part of a no-travel advisory because of political activity or environmental hazard.
  10. Application for final approval should be made at least 3 months prior to the planned excursion date and no non-transferable deposits should be submitted to tour operators before final approval is received. Approval is provided in writing by the Superintendent or designate.
  11. Students may individually be denied travel when it is deemed by the organizers in conjunction with the Principal of the School, that the physical or mental well being of a student constitutes an extraordinary risk to travel.
  12. The Board may revoke permission to travel at their discretion. Such a decision will be based on health and safety concerns whereby, in the opinion of the Board, students are being placed in an unacceptable level of risk.
  13. Upon departure, the tour organizer shall provide the Superintendent or designate with a list of all the individuals participating in the excursion along with emergency contact information.
  14. Upon departure, the tour organizer shall provide the Superintendent or designate with a contact protocol.