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AP 250: Guidance and Counselling Services


The Division shall endeavour to provide guidance and counselling services for all students in the Division as an integral part of the school program in supporting and complementing the learning opportunities and experiences of all students to maximize their academic, personal, and social development.

Although the Division accepts that authority for students under the age of 18 rests with the parents, it also recognizes situations may occur that result in providing information to students that is not readily available, accessible, or provided by parents.


In such cases where students seek information regarding medical, educational, or personal needs, qualified school personnel should consider the following:

  1. Attempts will be made to encourage the student to involve the parent(s); and
  2. Where failure of the above exists, advice may be given as to agencies that deal with such information. At no time will direct guidance be provided by school personnel in areas that are:
    1. Beyond their training;
    2. Contrary to Board policy and philosophy
  3. Where a child(ren)’s expressed wishes are in contravention of a particular parent(s) expressed wishes, school personnel are to be cognizant of the student’s age, family background, and nature of request in dealing with controversial and sensitive issues.
  4. Where financially feasible, schools provide access to a guidance counselor or
    Student Advocacy Counsellor.