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AP 230: Home Education


The Superintendent believes their primary responsibility is the provision of educational services and instruction to students in the classroom and that students are best accommodated for instructional purposes in the regular or inclusive education classes conducted within its schools. However, within the provisions of the Education Act, the Superintendent recognizes the parental right and the responsibility to make decisions respecting the education of their children, including the right of parents to place their children in home education programs. The Division has the responsibility to ensure that appropriate education is in place for all of its resident students. The Division will work with parents to support the learning of students in situations where Home Education is the option of their choice in accordance with Section 20 of the Education Act and the Home Education Regulation. 

Home Education – instruction provided for a child privately at home or elsewhere, not in a public, separate, or approved private school. 


  1. Where the choice of Home Education is exercised, the Division will assume a supportive role to the parents to ensure the student's access to resources and to ensure satisfactory student achievement.
  2. The student must be enrolled in a full-time program under the supervision of schools designated to provide the support for registration for a home education program.
  3. Students enrolled in a Home Education program apply for and receive provincial funding. Home education approvals will be granted on an annual basis. Parents must reapply to have their child(ren) continue to receive approval for home education beyond the initial school term.
  4. In the event a parent/guardian determines that it is in the student’s best interest to transition to a Home Education program mid-year, they shall meet with school administration of the school that the student is currently enrolled in and the Division’s Home Education designate. All parties will examine educational opportunities that are available to the student and develop a plan for a smooth transition that would include clearly establishing the learning outcomes not covered to date by the school.
  5. In the event a parent/guardian determines that it is in the student’s best interest to transition into a NLPS Educational Program mid-year, they shall meet with school administration of the receiving program to determine learning outcomes already covered and determine an appropriate educational program for the student and how best to ensure a smooth transition into the classroom.
  6. Home Education funding shall be administered as follows:
    1. The Division will provide financial support of up to fifty percent (50%) of the amount received from Alberta Education for home education purposes to parents who are providing a home education program to students.
    2. Parents must provide receipts for expenses eligible under the Home Education Regulation in order to be reimbursed and reimbursement will only be provided to defray the costs incurred by the parents for programs of study or instructional materials as described in Alberta Education’s directive, Standards for Home Education Reimbursement.
  7. Parents will be allowed to transfer some or all of the parental portion of the home education funding to the associate school authority for education supports should they choose to.  If parents decide to transfer their funding, they will be required to sign a Parent Declaration Form to facilitate this transfer.
  8. Schools may be able to provide textbooks, library access, or supplemental support for home school students. This is arranged on an individual basis and may involve additional costs. In some cases, students may arrange for a blended homeschool program that gives the student the opportunity to take selected school courses and/or participate in extracurricular activities. Such arrangements are at the discretion of the Principal.
  9. The parent must commit to attend meetings and submit program reports to the host school.
  10. Assessment and Evaluation
    1. Home education students shall write the Alberta Achievement Tests for Grades 3, 6 and 9 and any other provincially mandated test unless exempted from the Achievement Testing program by the Minister of Education.
    2. Parents who provide a home education program to a student must evaluate and assess the program and the student at regular intervals, including the following:
      1. Maintaining a portfolio of student work and a general record of student activities;
      2. Maintaining a record of the methods and times of assessment used by the parent and the levels of performance by the student in those assessments;
      3. Ensuring that the student is available for provincial achievement tests and other mandated assessments as outlined by the designated principal, at the option of the parent.
  11. The Division operates a summer school program for high school students. Home school students are welcome to register for courses during the summer term.