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AP 218: Knowledge and Employability Programming


The Division acknowledges the need to provide learning opportunities and environments where all students are encouraged to develop to their optimum level and potential.


  1. For students in grades 8 to 12, the Division supports the implementation of Knowledge and Employability courses of study designed to develop student workplace skills and provide academic growth in core subjects.
  2. Knowledge and Employability courses may be offered in junior and senior high schools. Students and parents must be informed and consent to the nature and intent of the coursework.
  3. Career Counselling
    1. Students who successfully complete the program will earn the Certificate of Achievement and  be made aware of the academic upgrading options. Students should be well aware of employment opportunities that result from this qualification.
  4. Parent/Guardian Counselling
    1. Written informed consent is required yearly when the student is under the age of 16.
    2. At the interview prior to acquiring parental consent, parents and students must clearly understand the nature of the program and the limited range of opportunities provided by the Certificate of Achievement.