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AP 132: School Day and Supervision


The Province of Alberta mandates the minimum required number of hours of instruction. Northern Lights Public Schools will ensure that the division calendar and schools exceed the minimum requirements. Additional time may be scheduled due to school closures, inclement weather, etc. Further, the Division will ensure that the school is accessible to students in a timely manner, staff are in place prior to the school day, and students are appropriately supervised while in the care of the Division.


  1. General School Day Information
    1. Schools must adhere to the division calendar in regards to the length of the day. The calendar will be established to ensure that the minimum requirements from the province are exceeded.
    2. A minimum of two recess periods of not less than 30 minutes combined shall be scheduled during each day for Elementary and full-day ECS students.
    3. A minimum of two recess periods of not less than 10 minutes combined shall be scheduled for grades 7-12 students, with the exception of schools who wish to align their recess periods with elementary grades.
    4. Every student shall be provided with a daily lunch period that provides adequate time to eat.
    5. The lunch break is not defined as a recess break.
  2. General Supervision Expectations
    1. The Principal shall ensure that students can enter the school at least 30 minutes prior to commencement of morning classes or upon arrival of the first bus, whichever occurs first.
    2. Unless previously arranged, all teachers are required to arrive at school at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of morning classes. This time is considered assignable time.
    3. Arrangements shall be made to ensure an appropriate number of staff are supervising when the school doors are opened, or in circumstances when buses must arrive early or late on a routine basis due to established bus schedules.
    4. Lunch, recess, before and after school opening, and bus loading supervision shall be allocated by the Principal as part of the supervision schedule. Schedules should take into account other school related activities in which staff are involved / supervising.
    5. Supervision schedules must be posted not only in offices and staff rooms, but also in such locations that students can easily determine who is on duty.
    6. Outside supervisors should be easily recognizable - reflective vests may be used for such purposes.
    7. In the event of a student injury, a Student Injury Report must be processed through school administration and be filed per Division procedures within 24 hours of the injury.