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AP 130: School Year


The Board annually sets the school year calendar, which defines the number of operational or work days for school-based personnel as well as the maximum number of instructional days. The calendar also establishes the length of the instructional day schools must adhere to. Board approval is also required prior to amending the school year calendar at an individual school site.


  1. Scheduling of instructional time must be cognizant of school, community, and Division factors.
  2. The school calendar shall reflect instructional times that meet or exceed requirements set by Alberta Education.
  3. Schools shall provide instructional programming to all students during all instructional days through to the end of the year. Celebration activities (year-end parties) are expected to take place as late as possible in the term.
  4. Detailed school calendar information, including final exam dates, report card dates, parent-teacher interview dates, and so on, shall be circulated to students and parents at appropriate times throughout the year.
  5. Schools with students writing provincial achievement or provincial diploma examinations shall exercise a moratorium on extra-curricular activities for those students throughout the time frame that exams are scheduled.
  6. Input will be sought from stakeholders on potential calendars.
  7. An attempt will be made to coordinate school year dates as much as possible with Lakeland Catholic School District and Conseil scolaire Centre-Est.
  8. A final calendar recommendation for the following school year will be presented to the Board prior to the end of February along with a draft for the second year.