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AP 102: School Annual Education Plans and Results Reports


School planning, budgeting, assessing, and reporting are integral components of school board planning, site-based decision-making and programming for student success. Schools play an integral part in the Division planning process by reporting student achievement data. Based on the results, the Division establishes funding priorities and allocates appropriate budgets toward instructional initiatives, professional development, resources acquisitions and staffing.


  1. All plans and results reports must satisfy the requirements outlined in the Accountability in Education Policy Framework and the section on School Annual Education Results Report.
  2. Schools may choose to report their Annual Education Results separately or in combination with their Three-Year Educational Plan. Templates for both are provided by Alberta Education on the ExtraNet.
  3. The document must include a copy of the Accountability Report Card.
  4. Schools should report Provincial Achievement Test and Provincial Diploma Exam results as well as other student achievement data initiated by the school. Examples might include:
    1. Reading Benchmark Tests
    2. Student Support and Intervention Programs
    3. Student Survey Data
    4. Student Attendance
    5. Community Engagement Data
  5. School plans, results reports, and budgets must be prepared by the Principal in collaboration with staff, school council, and, where appropriate, students.
  6. School plans, results reports, and budgets, aligned with the Division plan, are to be updated and submitted in written form to the Superintendent of Schools by October 15th of each year.
  7. Principals are expected to set improvement goals and comment on the results. Whenever possible, these goals should be stated as SMART goals.
  8. The Principal will be required to meet with the Superintendent’s Office to review the
    school’s Annual Education Report for feedback and comment.