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AP Appendix A: Accounting Procedures for Special Projects

Accounting Procedures for Special Projects (i.e. field trips)

  1. The teacher will provide the Admin Assistant with the Event & Activity Form detailing all information required to create an item for collection on SchoolCash Online.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Admin Assistant to collect and record all monies received and SchoolCash Online is the preferred method of payment.
  3. To ensure proper security of cash, the cash and cheques must be stored in a locked cabinet at all times.
  4. The Admin Assistant will verify the cash, prepare the bank deposit, and record the revenue as School Generated Funds on the SchoolCash program.
  5. A cheque will be issued to the appropriate vendor for the amount of admission fees and/or other costs of the project.
  6. An Item Order report is provided to the teacher to review which students have paid.
  7. A Category Report is prepared by the Admin Assistant and provided to the teacher in charge of the project for review.