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AP 570: Records Management


A Records Management program will be maintained to provide control over the quality and quantity of information produced by the Division, from its creation until its disposal, for legal, fiscal and historical purposes. Proper custody, storage and disposal of records shall comply with statutory requirements. 


  1. Records management covers a broad spectrum of records such as accounting, purchasing, corporate, insurance, personnel, property and student records.
  2. The Records Management program shall consist of a Subject File Classification Guide and a Retention and Disposal Schedule.
  3. The Retention and Disposal Schedule shall be consistent with federal and provincial legislation.
  4. Departments and schools shall be responsible for the filing of records according to the Classification Guide. Disposal of records will be in accordance with the Retention and Disposal Schedule.
  5. All records that have information used to make decisions about programs or personnel shall be kept for a minimum of one year.
  6. A Division record, the subject matter of which is known by the custodian (maker of the record) to be the subject of litigation, shall not be destroyed until the litigation is settled.
  7. All financial records to be preserved for seven years, or as dictated by the Division’s auditor or Canada Revenue Agency
  8. Student Records are to be retained according to Education Act regulations.
  9. Personnel Records to be retained for seventy (70) years after the birth of the employee.
  10. Excepting financial records, student records, and personnel records where provincial statute requires longer retention schedules and excepting any matters which are the subject of litigation or the subject of potential litigation and excepting records of historical value, school and system records created prior to January 1, 1995 (the formation date of the Northern Lights School Division) are to be destroyed.