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AP 555: Division Owned Vehicles


Vehicles owned by the Division have been purchased with public funds and as a result the Division has a responsibility to ensure that the vehicles are used for the purpose for which they were intended. Division-owned vehicles should be available to staff and trustees where appropriate to ensure efficient use of personnel and resources. The Director of Facilities is responsible for the administration of this administrative procedure.

General Procedures

  1. The Director of Facilities will maintain the inventory listing of all Division-owned vehicles, including unit, serial and license plate numbers, and primary users of all vehicles.
  2. The Director of Facilities will be responsible for ensuring all Division-owned vehicles are adequately registered and insured, and that driver abstracts are obtained as necessary.
  3. Operators of a Division-owned vehicle must possess an up-to-date, valid driver’s license. A driver’s license abstract may be requested by the Superintendent, or designate.
  4. Drivers shall ensure all maintenance on assigned Division-owned vehicles (e.g. oil changes, winterizing, annual checkup, etc.) is completed and schedules kept current and complete. Such vehicle maintenance schedules shall be approved by the Director of Facilities.
  5. Drivers shall obey all traffic rules when operating a Division-owned vehicle. Under no circumstances will the Division pay any parking tickets or fines related to traffic violations that occurred while an individual was operating a Division-owned vehicle.
  6. Drivers will be required to immediately report any accident involving a Divisionowned vehicle to the Director of Facilities.
  7. With the exception of the Superintendent’s vehicle, all Division-owned vehicles will be stored in Division-owned compounds, or on Division property, at the conclusion of the work day.
  8. Some Division staff will be assigned a Division-owned vehicle by the Director of Facilities. For all other Division staff and trustees, vehicles must be signed out through the Director of Facilities.
  9. All Division-owned vehicles will be equipped with a Division logo.
  10. In the event that an employee has a private company, the use of Division-owned vehicles is not permitted to carry on the business of that company.
  11. Vehicles will be available for trustees for meetings. One van will be retained at each of the Bonnyville and Lac La Biche compounds and the Cold Lake SubOffice for the use of trustees.
  12. It is the responsibility of all employees and trustees to ensure that Divisionowned vehicles are used whenever possible to conduct Division business. The Director of Facilities will implement an on-line vehicle booking system. If a Division-owned vehicle is available but the employee chooses not to use it, then a mileage rate of .15/km will be paid for use of the employee-owned vehicle.

Personal Use Procedures

  1. Generally, Division-owned vehicles shall not be used for personal use and shall be used for the purpose of carrying out Division business. Travel logs will be maintained to quantify the personal use for each vehicle. Employees are responsible for submitting completed travel logs (Refer to Form 555-1) on a monthly basis to Division Office.
  2. A taxable benefit for personal use of a Division-owned vehicle will be calculated annually based on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) current rules.
  3. Generally, it is the responsibility of the employee to get from their residence to where they “regularly report for work”. Supervisors can approve staff members taking the Division-owned vehicle home on an occasional basis at 3% to 5% annually as defined by the Division Auditor Hawkings Epp Dumont LLP in their letter dated December 10, 2007 and in such circumstances, no personal benefit will be deemed to have accrued.