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AP 554: Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles


The Division believes students transported to school organized/authorized events shall be by the safest possible means.

Wherever possible and practical, student transportation for school and/or Division authorized events shall be by properly licensed school buses, division vehicles, or by public transport.

There may be an emergency and/or other circumstances for which the transport of students by privately owned vehicles may be practical and/or necessary. Where circumstances warrant the use of privately owned vehicles, authorization shall be in accordance with established Board policy and administrative procedures.


  1. The use of privately owned vehicles for school level organized and/or authorized events shall be approved in writing by the Principal or his/her designate.
  2. The use of privately owned vehicles for Division level organized and/or authorized events shall be authorized by the Superintendent.
  3. All privately owned vehicles shall carry a minimum of $2,000,000.00 public liability insurance and be properly registered with the Motor Vehicles Branch.
    1. The owner of the vehicle shall be required to provide written proof in advance that the required insurance and registration is in force.
    2. The owner of the vehicle shall be informed that they are responsible for any liability claims and that the Division insurance will provide coverage only after the owner’s liability insurance is exhausted.
  4. The vehicles must be in good road-worthy condition and the owner of the vehicle must attest to this.
  5. Parents shall be notified in writing that a private vehicle will be used to transport their child and will be provided the name of the driver.
  6. No student shall be permitted to ride to and/or from a school function or activity alone with a staff member or volunteer without the express permission of the parent.
  7. All drivers must, in the opinion of the authorizing Division staff member, be responsible adults over the age of 21 with good non GDL driving records.
    1. Each driver must be prepared to provide sufficient evidence attesting to his/her current driving record if requested by the authorizing employee.
  8. Except in any emergency situation, a student shall not be transported in a privately owned vehicle without written prior approval from the student’s parent(s), or in the case of an independent student, from the student.
  9. The following modes of transportation shall not be authorized for transporting students to or from school and/or Division level authorized events:
    1. Non-owned Division aircraft;
    2. Non-owned Division watercraft;
    3. Motorcycles and/or other models of motorized bicycles; or
    4. All terrain vehicles of any model.
  10. The procedures do not apply if:
    1. A parent elects to transport or make alternative transportation arrangements for their child; and
    2. An independent student elects to make alternative transportation arrangements for themselves.