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AP 546: Naming New Facilities


The naming or renaming of a specific facility within the Division will be done through appropriate Board motions once the community within which the facility is located has had an opportunity to provide the Division with input.


  1. Proposed names for new facilities or recommended new names for existing facilities to be advertised within the affected community through school newsletters and the local news media for a period of not less than one month. Such advertising shall outline:
    1. the proposed new name,
    2. the name of someone within the Division to talk to about the reasons for the proposed new name,
    3. who to send feedback to regarding the new name, and
    4. when and where the Board will debate the proposal for name change.
  2. Where it is the wish of a local school community, through the School Council, school administration and the staff, to change the official designated name of an existing school (e.g. from "public" to "middle" or "elementary" or in any other respect) an appropriate recommendation will be forwarded to the Board through the Superintendent by the Principal. The Board may approve a motion to accept the new name 'in principle' and shall then follow the one-month feedback process.
  3. If the Board itself proposes a change to the official designated name of an existing school, a motion to accept the new name 'in principle' shall be followed by the one month feedback process prior to final discussion and final vote to accept the new name.
  4. The Superintendent will consider requests from school and community groups to name a portion of a building; a room, hall, library, or gym within a building; or a specific area of a school or division site for a person. The proposed name must have a special significance and/or the person must have provided an outstanding
    contribution to the school or the school system.
  5. In all cases, the Division expects that similarities with names of existing schools will be avoided in naming or renaming facilities.
  6. School and facility names are to be chosen which:
    1. Identify the community in which the school is located,
    2. Identify the program offered within the facility (e.g. elementary, middle, high school),
    3. Recognize the contribution to education by an employee, resident or family associated with the local community,
    4. Honour the memory of a famous Albertan,
    5. Are named after a Canadian geographic or historic location,
    6. Reflect an environmental landscape, or
    7. Are a symbolic name representing cultures and/or beliefs of part or all of the community.