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AP 540: Facilities Safety and Security


The Division believes it has a responsibility to provide for the safety of the students and staff of the Division, through the establishment and maintenance of a safe school environment. This responsibility extends beyond the school to those areas and situations directly related to the school which can be controlled by the school and/or Division.  

The Division further recognizes the need for appropriate security practices and procedures in each of the Division's facilities, recognizing the needs for each school and community differ as a result of staffing, joint use agreements, hours of operation, special events, and the like.

The Principal has the authority and reciprocal responsibility of ensuring all buildings and grounds of the Division under his/her care are operated in a safe and secure manner. Under the auspices of Facilities Safety and Security there are three main considerations. These include the use of security cameras and video monitoring, fencing and keys/FOBS to ensure the safety of the facilities and the students.


  1. The Division supports the use of security cameras and video monitoring on Division property to promote the safety and security of students and Division property. With respect to security cameras and video monitoring, please refer to AP 359 Video Monitoring for further information on specific procedures.
  2. Fencing on school sites will be utilized to ensure safe and secure learning environments for school communities. This includes fencing designed to ensure the grounds and facilities enjoy a safe and secure area that restricts vehicle access where students and staff may be placed at risk, will limit access and entry to school grounds, and will maximize surveillance by staff.
  3. Keys and FOBs will be provided to each Principal by the Director of Facilities, who will ensure distribution to all staff members. Lost, stolen or misplaced keys and FOBs are to be reported immediately and will be subject to a replacement fee. To ensure the highest level of safety, keys and FOBs are not to be loaned to non-authorized individuals. As such, only the Director of Facilities or Secretary Treasurer are authorized to have keys cut. Keys and FOBs will be returned to the supervisor (Principal or other) when staff members leave the Division or transfer to another site.
    1. Security for the building is the responsibility of all, but the last authorized individual to use the facility shall ensure the building is secure (i.e. locking doors, turning out lights, and setting the alarm).