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AP 530: Insurance Management


In order to ensure that the requirements of legislation are met and the Division’s interests are protected, the Superintendent shall provide for continuous insurance coverage in accordance with these procedures.  


  1. The Secretary-Treasurer is authorized to secure the services of an insurance broker for the purpose of obtaining adequate insurance for the Division.
  2. The Division shall provide insurance coverage for the following:
    1. Buildings,
    2. Contents,
    3. Liability – for individual Board Trustees, staff members, student teachers and interns, and volunteers; all the foregoing while performing duties authorized by the Division,
    4. Crime,
    5. Automobile fleet,
    6. Travel accident,
    7. Student accident,
    8. Boiler and machinery,
    9. Errors and omissions,
    10. Sexual molestation and abuse, and
    11. Course of construction and wrap up.
  3. Building insurance shall be secured to provide coverage at full replacement cost.
  4. Contents insurance shall be obtained as a percentage of the value of the statement of value for property.
    1. Claims made under the building and contents section of the insurance policy resulting from accidents, vandalism or theft shall be made by the Secretary Treasurer or delegate upon receipt of the required information from the school Principal or department head.
  5. Travel accident insurance shall be obtained to cover staff members and Board members while traveling on Division business.
  6. On an annual basis, the Division shall review its insurance coverage and make such arrangements for insurance coverage as it deems necessary.
  7. The Secretary-Treasurer shall make available to staff members and others as required information describing the Division’s insurance coverage.

In addition to the above, the Division shall consider applications from insurance agents to provide school insurance coverage to make available to families for purchase.  The Division accepts no responsibility for this level of student accident insurance and does not exercise any control over the administration of the insurance plan. The Superintendent may permit the distribution to students of commercially available plans, but neither teachers nor Principals will be accountable for fee collection from students.