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AP 413: Evaluation of Teaching Staff


Evaluation of teacher performance is a vital component in ensuring the delivery of effective and quality education programs for students. Through continuous improvement efforts and practices, teachers are able to better meet the needs of learners.

The Superintendent believes that quality teaching occurs when the teacher’s analysis of the context, and pedagogical knowledge and abilities the teacher decides to apply result in the students having the best possible opportunity to learn.

Therefore, the Superintendent directs that all members of the professional teaching staff actively participate in a program of evaluation and it shall be conducted in accordance with the following basic principles:

  1. The evaluation of professional teaching staff is a continuous process which has as its primary purpose the improvement of teaching effectiveness.
  2. Programs of supervision and evaluation should be differentiated in order to provide teachers with choices that will better meet their individual needs.
  3. The practices and procedures of supervision and evaluation and any directives arising out of the supervision and evaluation process must be fair and equitable.
  4. The improvement of teaching effectiveness is a shared responsibility between the individual staff members and the Division.
  5. Evaluation practice and procedures should reflect current research as applicable to local needs, conditions, and Division priorities.
  6. The “Criteria for Evaluating Teacher Performance” is consistent with the quality teaching standard and the descriptors as identified in “An Integrated Framework to Enhance the Quality of Teaching in Alberta”.
  7. Evaluation and supervision of professional teaching staff is a major responsibility of school-based administration. (It may be a shared responsibility of the Principal and Assistant Principal. For the balance of this policy, wherever it is stated the “Principal”, it will be assumed that this could refer to either the Principal or Assistant Principal.)
  8. The Principal shall provide ongoing supervision of all teaching staff to insure that the quality of teaching is in accordance with the expectations of the Division. When there is a question of a teacher not meeting the expectations of the Division, the Principal shall investigate immediately and if need be initiate the evaluation process.
  9. Formal written reports, filed on a regular basis, will serve to provide on-going records of performance.


All teaching staff employed by Northern Lights School Division will receive a copy of the Teacher Evaluation Administrative Procedure and be responsible for the contents and directives therein.

The Administrative Procedure sets out:

  • Guidelines and procedures to ensure that the processes of evaluation and supervision are conducted in a fair, cooperative, supportive, and equitable manner, and;
  • Guidelines and procedures for three specific programs of evaluation and supervision:
    • Program of Appraisal
    • Program of Enhancement
    • Program of Remediation

A teacher is involved in either the Program of Appraisal, the Program of Remediation, or the Program of


  1. The evaluation and supervision of teaching performance shall be conducted in a spirit of empathy, understanding, trust, cooperation, and natural justice.
  2. The evaluation and supervision of teaching performance will be accomplished through three programs that serve specific functions:
    1. The Appraisal of Teaching Performance (The Program of Appraisal) will serve the function of providing opportunity for a teacher to bring his or her teaching performance.
    2. The Enhancement of Teaching Performance (The Program of Enhancement) will serve the functions of developing professional practice, of encouraging innovation, and of recognizing professional accomplishment with the supervision of the Principal.
    3. The Remediation of Teaching Performance (The Program of Remediation) will serve the function of providing the opportunity for a teacher to bring his or her teaching performance to a satisfactory level with an intensive supervision program with the Assistant Superintendent or his or her designate.
  3. Criteria for the Evaluation of Teaching Performance will be utilized for the Programs of Appraisal, Enhancement and Improvement.
  4. Appeal Guidelines are included to ensure due process and natural justice are adhered to.
  5. The Principal and the Superintendent or his/her designate may enter into a classroom and proceed with an appraisal of a teacher’s performance. This can occur without a pre-conference.
  6. Where an evaluation is outside the curriculum expertise of the Principal, with the approval of the Superintendent, a third party may be called upon to assist the Principal.
  7. In the event the relationship between the teacher and Principal presents a conflict of interest due to family relationships, it is recommended that the Assistant Principal be involved in the evaluation, or the Superintendent may recommend a third party to conduct the evaluation.


  1. Inservice education with respect to the evaluation and supervision of professional practice will be provided to teachers, school administrators, and division administration to the extent that is reasonably possible.
  2. The Principal, in consultation with the staff, will plan and implement the programs of evaluation and supervision.
  3. The Principal shall plan and implement a schedule which will be submitted to the Superintendent on or before October 15th of the current school year.
  4. Once a teacher has been granted tenure, he or she will be assigned to the Program of Enhancement.
  5. A tenured teacher may be placed on a Program of Appraisal at his or her own request.