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AP 380: Student Appeals


Students have the right, under law, to natural justice. The Superintendent has established the following procedure whereby appeals that cannot be resolved at the school level may be further reviewed at the Divisional level.


  1. Every decision must be directed toward the educational interests of the student and must consider the impact of the decision on the total population of students served and the availability of resources.
  2. All schools shall develop a school-level Student Appeals policy and include the content of this policy in the Parent-Student Handbook.
  3. An appeal at the Divisional level may be initiated by any party directly involved in the matter under dispute. Appeals shall be heard only after all attempts at resolving the problem at the school level have proven unsuccessful.
  4. Appeals shall be filed with the Superintendent within fourteen days of any final attempts to resolve the matter at the school level. The appeal shall be in writing, and shall state the nature of complaint, and outline the steps that have been taken to attempt to resolve it. Supporting documentation would be deemed helpful. A copy of the application shall be provided to the school Principal, and to any other parties directly involved in the grievance.
  5. Within fourteen days of the receipt of a divisional appeal, the Superintendent or designate shall review all relevant information pertaining to the matter. This may include any or all of the following:
    1. An examination of marks/records/reports
    2. Ensuring compliance with AP240 – Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
    3. Consultation with parties who may have information relevant to the case
    4. A personal interview with the person lodging the appeal
    5. Consultation, as required with external agencies (e.g. Alberta Education)
  6. The decision of the Superintendent or designate shall be conveyed to all parties concerned, in writing, as soon as possible.
  7. This administrative procedure is in no way intended to abridge the discretionary powers granted to schools by the Minister in the matter of school graduation, or the assignment of marks in any particular grade.
  8. Appeals of Diploma Examination results shall be in accordance with Alberta Education regulations. Costs incurred for such appeals are the responsibility of the appellant.
  9. Changes to non-diploma examination course marks shall be received no later than October 31st of the current school year for marks originating in the previous school year.
  10. Students and/or their parents/guardians may have the right of appeal to the Board, and ultimately, the Minister of Education under Section 124 of the School Act.