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AP 101: Annual Education Results Report


The Division is required by Alberta Education to prepare an Annual Education Results Report, which provides a means by which the Division can report the results of its educational program to the public and to Alberta Education. The Division recognizes the values of communication and accountability in circulating an Annual Report to its stakeholders.


  1. The Annual Education Results Report shall contain:
    1. Student enrollments;
    2. Program and curriculum;
    3. Staff;
    4. Facilities, maintenance, and support services;
    5. Administration; and
    6. Transportation services.
  2. The Annual Education Results Report shall provide information to the public on progress towards achieving the goals and results identified in the Division Education Plan. Simplicity, clarity and candor will be stressed.
  3. The Annual Education Results Report shall contain the results on mandatory and optional measures gathered through the year from such activities as ongoing reviews, evaluations, surveys, planning sessions and workshops.
  4. The Annual Education Results Report shall be a foundation document in developing the Division Education Plan and identifying strategies for effecting improvements.
  5. The format for reporting mandatory measures shall comply with standards specified by Alberta Education.
  6. The format for reporting optional measures and additional information in the Division Annual Education Results Report will be determined by the Superintendent.
  7. The Superintendent shall:
    1. Ensure that an Annual Education Results Report is prepared for Board approval at or before its regular November meeting; and
    2. Ensure the Annual Education Results Report is submitted to Alberta Education in a form and at a time that meets requirements.
  8. The Annual Education Results Report shall be made available to the public in a
    special report format.