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AP 495: Professional Staff Strike


During a strike by professional staff, the Division will seek to ensure a minimum loss to students’ learning.


In the event of a strike by teachers:

  1. The benefits of support staff will continue to be paid during temporary lay-offs.
  2. Bus contractors shall be paid in accordance with their contract as if schools were closed by order of the Board. Bus drivers who are employees are considered Support Staff so will comply with the Terms of Employment.
  3. The Board will cease to contribute premiums toward benefit coverage or to make remittance on the teachers’ behalf. The collection and payment of premiums is entirely the responsibility of the Employee Group and the Alberta Teachers’ Association.
  4. Teachers shall, at the request of the Superintendent, deliver their physical school lesson plans, student marks and all digital methods of planning and records including school electronic devices, to the Principal of their school, who is to maintain a record of items received and ensure their secure storage.
  5. Teachers shall, at the request of the Superintendent, deliver their standard and electronic keys properly labeled, to the Principal of each school, who will maintain a record of keys received and deliver all school keys, including the Principal’s own key to the administrative assistant.
  6. Community use agreements shall continue, but teachers affiliated with user groups shall not enter school property.
  7. In the case of joint use facilities, access for teachers would be restricted to the portion of the facility deemed accessible to the general public.
  8. All school generated funds shall be deposited in the bank.
  9. The Chair shall be the spokesperson of the Board and shall consult with the Northern Lights Strike Committee spokesperson and the Superintendent.