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Policy 22: Board Supported Projects/Initiatives

The Board may promote system and individual excellence by providing financial assistance to support various requests and initiatives that  align with division priorities, enhance the culture and climate of schools, and/or create new opportunities for student success. Approved funds will be allocated from the Instructional Support budget. Requests will not be considered for items that may require ongoing support, such as additional staffing, or items which are prohibited by regulations governing the use of instructional dollars.

The Board shall:

  1. Establish/review the Board Supported Initiatives Budget annually. Funding may not exceed $30,000, nor be carried over in subsequent years.
  2. Review applications submitted twice annually; a maximum of 50% of the budgeted funds may be approved by Oct. 31, and any remaining funds must be approved by March 31. The maximum approval amount for any project or initiative will be $5,000.00. Disbursement of funds will be carried out by Division Administration.
  3. Receive an annual summary of all monies expended for Board Supported Projects/Initiatives in August.

Applicants shall:

  1. Be Students and/or School Councils of Northern Lights Public Schools.
  2. Secure School Administration approval prior to submitting an application.
  3. Demonstrate the educational value of the proposed project/initiative.
  4. Provide a budget that includes anticipated revenues and expenses.
  5. Include a timeframe showing completion or self-sustainment.
  6. Upon completion of the project/initiative, there is an expectation that the applicant:
    1. provide a complete financial accounting of all funds
    2. may be required to make a presentation to the Board
    3. be prepared to participate in appropriate promotional activities
  7. An application form will be available on the website, and will be reviewed by Division Administration before being forwarded to the Board.  Requests that may normally be purchased out of school based budgets will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Secretary-Treasurer.