School Division Awards

The following awards are granted to students of Northern Lights Public Schools for excellence in a single focus or area of study.

This information is intended as a guide to awards, scholarships and bursaries.  Efforts are made to maintain accurate and up to date information.  However, awards, scholarships and bursaries change frequently as do the dates for making applications.  To attain the most accurate and up to date information, please ensure you visit the actual web site representing the award, scholarship or bursary for the most up to date information.  Most of the scholarships are competitive, meaning that eligibility does not necessarily guarantee winning the award.

Aboriginal Achievement Scholarship

Audience: Aboriginal Youth graduating in Northern Lights Public Schools
Sponsored by:  Northern Lights Public Schools Board 
Eligibility: Aboriginal youth to pursuing post-secondary studies with the ultimate objective of obtaining a university degree, a college diploma, or a certificate from a technical institute.
Value:  One scholarship of $1,500 (If more than one applicant is accepted the value of the scholarships may vary.)
Deadline:  June 10 
Application Information:  Aboriginal Scholarship

Northern Lights Public Schools-Student Leadership Award

Audience:  Northern Lights Public Schools graduating students 
Sponsored by:  Northern Lights Public Schools Board 
Eligibility: Student involved in a leadership role in their school for a minimum of two years. See attached information for full details on eligibility
Value:  Certificate, plaque and letter of recommendation 
Deadline:  April 30th of school year

Walter Hayduk Memorial Scholarship

Audience: Northern Lights Public Schools graduating students  
Sponsored by:  Helen Hayduk
Eligibility:  Students must be attending the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta or a recognized transfer program to the institution.
Value:  One scholarship of $100 
Deadline:  June 1 
Application Information:  
Walter Hayduk Memorial Scholarship