2020-2021 COVID Updates

May 20, 2021

** Please note the Daily Screening Checklist between the time we composed our message and when it was sent to parents. The link has been updated below.**

Thank you to our students, staff and NLPS families for your hard work and support over the last two weeks as students have been learning from home. Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange announced yesterday that students will return to in-person learning on Tuesday, May 25 and we hope to be able to continue learning in person until the end of the school year.

We know it has been challenging for some families to balance learning at home with other family priorities, and that some families have also had difficulties with technology and connectivity. We recognize that some students may have been able to participate in learning from home to the extent that they would have liked. Our teachers will be working with students next week to assess progress and provide support to students who need assistance. We will also continue to have supports in place to address student mental health and encourage families to reach out to our schools if you need help.


COVID-19 Reminders

Prior to the two-week shift to learning from home, NLPS experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases in schools, with several schools placed on outbreak status. In order to ensure that students can complete the school year with a minimum of disruption, we need everyone to work together to prevent COVID from coming into or spreading in our schools. 

  • Do not send your child to school if they are sick. Please complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist with each of your children before coming to school each day. If they answer “Yes” to any of the questions, please follow the directions included in the checklist and do not send them to school. Student Illness: If a student has COVID-19 symptoms
  • Follow isolation and quarantine requirements if you have COVID-like symptoms, are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or are diagnosed with COVID-19. If your child needs to quarantine or self-isolate and is feeling well enough to participate in learning from home, please contact your child’s teacher to discuss what that will look like.
  • Review how to properly put on and take off a mask and when and where masks need to be worn. Alberta Mask Requirements Please send your child to school with at least one extra mask in case the mask they are wearing gets wet or damaged while they are at school. They should also have a bag to store soiled or wet masks.
  • Review physical distancing and why it is important for people to stay 2 metres apart. VIDEO: What two metres looks like
  • Review how and when to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. VIDEO: The A-B-C’s of Handwashing
  • Emphasize the importance of not sharing items (clothing, school supplies, food) with other students.

We have also been receiving some questions about the process for notifying families when there is a case of COVID-19 at a school. As soon as NLPS is informed of a case of COVID-19 in a school, we immediately determine who the close contacts are, isolate them from other students and staff, and call parents/guardians to come pick them up. Once contact tracing is completed and information is shared with close contacts, we notify all parents at the school that there has been a case reported to us. It is also posted on the school website. If the individual with COVID-19 was on a school bus, we contact all close contacts from the bus and also notify all parents of students on the bus that there has been a case reported to us. If you have heard that there is a case of COVID-19 in your school, but you have not received a notification, please contact your child’s school for information and to verify your contact information so you will not miss future notifications.


COVID-19 Assistance

The Metis Nation of Alberta has announced a Child and Family COVID-19 Support Program. MNA citizens can access one-time funding of $500 per eligible pre- and school-aged child(ren) 3-18 years old up to a maximum amount of $2,500 per household/family.

More information is available on the MNA website: Child and Family COVID-19 Support Program