COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

All updates concerning COVID-19 that are shared with our community will be posted on this page, with the newest update appearing first.

October 19, 2021

COVID Reporting Update

In our last update to parents on October 6, we shared some information about changes the government announced were being made to contact tracing and COVID-19 reporting processes. On Friday, October 15 we received a guidance document from Alberta Education outlining the expectations for school divisions to follow when we are notified by AHS that there is a case of COVID-19 connected to our schools. They have also provided us with an updated Parents’ Guide 2021-2022 School Year that outlines the new changes.

NLPS will be continuing with its current process of reporting all COVID cases to our NLPS families. This includes cases that AHS has confirmed as well as cases that are reported to us by individuals. When we are notified of a case, either by an individual or AHS, we will send out a notification to parents that will include a link to that school’s COVID report. That report will include the number of active cases at the school (reported to us within the last 14 days), the date it was reported to us, and which classes or cohorts are considered to be exposed groups. An exposed group is defined as individuals who may have been exposed to a COVID-19 case during the case’s infectious period. Individuals who are part of an exposed group are not necessarily considered close contacts.

For AHS confirmed cases, we will also include the date that AHS informed us of the case and the dates that AHS has indicated the person was in attendance at school while infectious. For AHS confirmed cases, there will also be a letter attached that provides information about what is recommended for students and staff who are part of exposed groups.

Alberta Health Services has also created a list of schools that are on Alert or Outbreak status that will be updated daily. To see if your child’s school is on the list, please go to COVID-19 school status. Northern Lights will also be posting school statuses at the top of the homepage of each school’s website. As of today, we have three schools listed as Alert 2-4, no schools at Alert 5-9, and none in outbreak.

We are still waiting for more details about the at-home rapid testing program that was announced. It is our understanding that this will be a voluntary program that will provide rapid testing kits for families and staff who request them for at-home use. Rapid tests will not be administered by staff. Once more information is provided to use, we will share that with you.