Mental Health Week 2022

NLPS students will be spreading messages of hope and learning strategies to support their mental health as part of Mental Health Week activities being held throughout the division next week.

Schools will be taking part in multiple activities throughout the week including Messages of Hope, Hope Rocks, and Hats on for Mental Health.

Schools participating in Messages of Hope will be spreading hope in their schools and communities with words of encouragement and positive messages. Several schools plan to Chalk the Walk and decorate sidewalks around their schools and communities. Others will be spreading hope with messages painted on windows, written on sticky notes, and even shared on cookies. 

Many schools will also be painting rocks with hopeful messages and either adding them to school rock gardens or playgrounds, or placing them around their communities for people to find. 

On Wednesday, May 4, students and staff are encouraged to wear hats to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health. Throughout the week students will be learning about mental health, the things they can do to maintain good mental health, and how they can help others.

Schools also have a variety of other mental health related activities planned for Mental Health Week including theme days, wellness challenges, planting seeds, concerts and more! To find out what is happening at your local school, check out the school’s website or Facebook page.

NLPS is inviting the community to get involved and show their support by participating in the same activities as our students. Parents, guardians and community members are encouraged to share their own messages of hope by chalking sidewalks, posting signs at their homes or businesses, or leaving encouraging messages for family members, colleagues or even complete strangers. Search for rocks hidden in your neighbourhood or paint your own and leave them for people to find. Wear a hat on Wednesday to show your support.

Individuals can also share Stories of Hope on our Engage NLPS site and listen to student and staff stories from our It Starts with Hope campaign that has been running on our local Stingray stations this year.

Improving students’ mental health and wellness is a priority identified in the division’s Three-Year Education Plan. More information about the action we are taking to address this priority is included in our Mental Health Plan. Resources for families can be found on our website at the following links:

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