What does legal cannabis mean for Northern Lights Public Schools?

The possession and consumption of cannabis will become legal all throughout Canada on October 17, 2018. While this is a large change for the country and Alberta, nothing will change in regards to Northern Lights Public Schools’ stance on the consumption and possession of cannabis.

Northern Lights Public Schools Administrative Procedure 352 - Student Alcohol/Drug or Solvent Use clearly states that:

Student use of alcohol and non-prescription drugs is detrimental to the learning process and is therefore prohibited. Student abuse of solvents has a damaging effect on the normal development, well-being, and academic performance of students. . . The Division prohibits the possession and/or consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs on Division premises.


In most cases, cannabis is a recreational, non-prescription drug and as such, consumption or possession is not permitted on any Northern Lights Public Schools premises. Students suspected of consuming cannabis, witnessed consuming cannabis, or witnessed sharing cannabis will be immediately reported to the Principal. The Principal will meet with the student and implement consequences as necessary, which may include suspensions or other appropriate actions; record the incident; and advise the parent and Superintendent, in writing, of the incident and of the actions taken.

Furthermore, Government of Alberta regulations also state that the consumption and possession of cannabis is prohibited to anyone under 18 years of age. It is not permitted on any hospital property, school property or child care facility property, or within a prescribed distance from a playground, a sports field, or a playing field.

More information about the procedures regarding students and cannabis use can be found in Administrative Procedure 352 - Student Alcohol/Drug or Solvent Use on the Northern Lights Public Schools website.

Northern Lights Public Schools is currently developing further regulations regarding both recreational and medicinal cannabis use. These updates will be seen in the future. 

Remember the following crucial points:

  • Cannabis is legal only for adults ages 18+;
  • Driving high is driving under the influence;
  • Cannabis may not be within reach of anyone in a vehicle;
  • Kids may not enter a cannabis retailer, even with an adult.

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