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Configuration Presentation - November 2020

Thank you to all of the parents who participated in our Cold Lake Configuration Consultation Sessions on Monday. We appreciated the opportunity to connect with you and present the work the Cold Lake Configuration Committee has done so far and its proposed scenarios for moving forward.

For those who were unable to attend, we have uploaded a video of the presentation:


You can also view a PDF of the presentation slides: Cold Lake Configuration Presentation - November 2020. The PDF does not include the same amount of detail as the video, but does provide a lot of the background and details of the three scenarios that are being proposed.

We encourage all Cold Lake parents to either view the video or read through the document to learn more about the potential scenarios being proposed by the committee. At the end of the video and the document is information on how you can provide feedback to the committee, or ask any questions you may have about what has been proposed.

There are also a few things we would like to clarify. We received some feedback following the first session that some stakeholders felt the decision on configuration would be made solely on feedback received in the two online sessions and there would be no other opportunities for parents or the community to provide input. That was never the intention of the committee and that is why we are also sharing the video and PDF of the presentation so that as many stakeholders as possible can access the information and provide input. After all of the feedback is collected, the committee will review it and determine what the next steps are.

Once the committee has completed its engagement with stakeholders, it will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees by the end of the school year (June 2021). The Board will then review that recommendation and it will make the final decision on how to proceed with configuration in Cold Lake. Even after that decision is made, there may be further opportunities for parents, students and staff to provide input as the details of how to transition to the new configuration are being determined. 

We have also received many questions about the timeline for configuration. Our email inviting parents to take part in the consultation sessions indicated configuration could start as early as September 2021. As we clarified in our consultation sessions, the full transition to the new configuration will not take place in September 2021. Depending on the scenario that is selected, however, some parts of the transition may start in September. This could include renovations to existing schools to prepare them for their new configuration. It could also involve students who would normally be moving from one school to another staying at their existing school for an additional year. For instance, not moving to the middle school for Grade 4, but staying at the elementary school instead.

The goal of starting to make the transition in September and implementing the change in configuration in stages rather than all at once, is to address some of the anxiety and stress the changes will have on students, staff and parents. In addition, it may reduce the number of transitions some students may have to make. For instance, keeping students an additional year at their existing school may prevent them from moving to a new school and then having to move back to their old school when it changes configuration the following year. Instead, they would remain at their existing school and transition to their new school once the configuration changes have been made. Again, these decisions depend on the chosen model with the most ideal transition in mind.

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