Cold Lake Configuration

Configuration Committee reconvenes

The Northern Lights Public Schools’ Cold Lake Configuration Committee reconvened on Thursday, October 15, meeting for the first time since in-person classes were cancelled in March. 

The members of the committee, made up of parents from each NLPS school in Cold Lake, as well as school administrators and division representatives, reviewed current enrolment numbers and discussed the impact on projections for future years and whether or not they wanted to make any changes to the proposals they had developed last year. The last time the committee met, they had decided to present three potential options for configuring NLPS schools in the Cold Lake area to the public for feedback.

Following the update on enrolments and projections, the committee decided not to make any changes to the options and to move forward with public consultations. The consultations will take place this fall, and the committee will then review all of the feedback received before bringing all of the information to the Board along with a recommendation for configuring the schools in Cold Lake. Changes to configuration could occur as early as September 2021 depending on which option the Board approves.

The Cold Lake Configuration Committee was established following a public meeting in June 2019 to discuss capacity issues at NLPS schools in the Cold Lake area. At that time, it was anticipated that some schools would reach or exceed their capacity within the next few years. The committee met for the first time in November 2019 to discuss the process to examine the situation and then consult with the public on potential solutions.

The process for consulting with the public as well as timelines for the consultation are currently being finalized. More information will be shared one details are confirmed.

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