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Under the Northern Lights - November 28, 2018

Good News Items

  • Trustee Debra Lozinski congratulated all of the students and staff who were involved in the recent Festival of Trees event in Lac La Biche. Many NLPS students and staff volunteered, performed and organized activities for the annual event.

  • Trustees commended the staff at Aurora Middle School on its amazing We Day celebration that featured many NLPS alumni as speakers. "The speakers were remarkable. So many of them were our alumni and they are now changemakers and using their experiences to empower students," commented Board Chair Arlene Hrynyk.

  • Trustee Maurice Richard congratulated the Cold Lake High School girls volleyball team on winning zones and participating in provincials.

  • Board Chair Arlene Hrynyk praised parent advisory committees and school councils throughout the division for going above and beyond to support our schools. In particular, she commended the Ecole Plamondon school council for serving a hot meal for teachers during parent teacher interviews. Trustee Lorne Kaban noted that the H.E. Bourgoin school council had also provided a meal for teachers that week. He reported that both the Duclos and HEB school councils have been doing incredible work to support students and working with the schools to drive success.

  • Trustee Michael Topylki commended the students who participated in the recent Student Voice to the Board committee. He noted that the students were very engaged in the process. The Board is excited to meet with the students on Dec. 14 and hear about the feedback they have collected from their peers.

  • Trustee Karen Packard complimented Cold Lake High School on a highly entertaining coffeehouse that featured dancers and cheerleaders. The event was a fundraiser for the Stollery Children's Hospital.


2017-2018 Audited Financial Statements 

Secretary-Treasurer Paula Elock presented the Board with an overview of the division's 2017-2018 Audited Financial Statements. She noted that the division's final funded enrolment was 5,968 students. Last year also featured the government's 45-credit cap on CEU's at the high school level, funding from the provincial Classroom Improvement Fund, the new School Fees Regulation, and the capitalization of 30% of IMR funding. The division also transferred $1.15 million from instruction to maintenance ($700,000) and transportation ($450,000) to cover shortfalls in those areas.

NLPS had budgeted for a $3.3 million deficit, but ended the year with a deficit of $457,050. Operating reserves have now been reduced to $4.5 million (5.2%). Capital reserves are $2.6 million.


Fall Budget Update

Secretary-Treasurer Paula Elock presented the Board with a revised Fall Budget, based on the division's official enrolment numbers for 2018-2019, which were higher than projected, and the results of the 2017-2018 audit. 

Total revenues for 2018-2019 are expected to be just over $85 million and expenses are budgeted at close to $87 million, for a projected deficit of $1.2 million.


Annual Education Results Report and Three-Year Education Plan

Bill Driedger, Associate Superintendent - System Improvement, presented the Board with the final draft of the 2017-2018 Annual Education Results Report (AERR) and 2018-2021 Three-Year Education Plan. The AERR summarizes the accomplishments of the division in 2017-2018 and the progress made towards meeting the five goals set for the division by Alberta Education, as well as the three division priorities, established by the Board in consultation with its stakeholders. The goals in the 2018-2021 Three-Year Education Plan will remain the same as the 2017-2020 plan.


Stakeholder Input Process

Bill Driedger, Associate Superintendent - System Improvement, provided the Board with a plan to consult with stakeholders to help set improvement priorities for the division that will be included in the 2019-2022 Three-Year Education Plan. Over the next few months, the division will be inviting stakeholders to provide input including students, parents, community members, and staff. In addition to face-to-face meetings, an online component will also be included in the process, but exact details have not been confirmed at this time.

The Board will use the input gathered during the consultation process to determine new priorities for the division for the next three years.


CEU Cap Impact

The Board discussed the impact the government's 45-credit CEU cap has had on the division. Secretary-Treasurer Paula Elock noted that the audited financial statements included a $250,000 payment back to Alberta Education to refund credits that were earned beyond the cap. The finance department will be doing further analysis to determine what credits were declined.

The Board expressed concerned about the financial impact of the credit cap, the possibility that reduced funding would negatively affect the diversity of  programming high schools are able to offer to students.











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