School Generated Funds

Northern Lights Public Schools reports to its stakeholders the total revenue and expenses of School Generated Funds (SGF). These funds are collected from fundraising, extracurricular activities, donations and user fees. The funds are expended on school projects, extra-curricular and/or student activities, and facility fees. Extracurricular fees are charged for sports teams, clubs, student unions or programs designed to broaden the school experience. Fundraising is often done by students and parents to alleviate the costs.

The increased reporting requirements to parents and the Department of Education on school fees continues to mean more consistent and transparent practices in recording of revenues and expenditures, leading to better continuity in reporting of year over year financial information. SGF revenues were down from the prior year, as were expenditures, largely due to COVID 19 impact on school operations. At the time of the school closures in March, SGF revenues and expenditures were on par with plans to reduce the reserves. However, spending continues to outpace revenues, resulting in a marginal reduction to School Generated reserves of $7,093.

School Generated Funds Revenue and Expense Statement 2019-2020

Source and Application of School Generated Funds (SGF)





Unexpended SGF, beginning of year

  $1,411,153   $1,602,977

School generated funds revenue for the year

$1,161,899   $1,969,016  

Donations received

$208,049   $364,494  

Less: Direct costs

-$436,626   -$724,945  

Net Additions to SGF

$933,322   $1,599,565  

Net SGF Available for Spending

$2,344,475   $3,202,542  

Net SGF expended for discretionary purposes

$940,415   $1,791,389  

Unexpended SGF, end of year

$1,404,060   $1,411,153