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AP 433: Support Staff Transfers


Circumstances will arise from time to time whereby it is necessary or desirable to transfer support staff from one school in the Division to another school in the Division.

The assignment of duties and responsibilities to support staff is an administrative matter.


Support staff transfers may occur as a result of any of the following and will be subject to the conditions of each.

  1. Internal Transfers - Subject to the terms of the Terms of Reference, transfers within the school should consider the:
    1. training of the support staff member;
    2. nature of the program;
    3. health and welfare of the students;
    4. total school staffing and student selection patterns; and
    5. competencies of the support staff member.
      The authority of such transfers rests with the school based administration.
  2. Division Initiated Transfers - The Superintendent has the authority to transfer support staff on the basis of all actions taken under this section. Transfers within the Division will consider 1.1. to 1.5 listed above.
    1. The Superintendent shall give written notice of transfer to the support staff member(s). Such notice shall outline the specifics of the transfer and the rights of appeal open to the support staff member.
  3. Support Staff Initiated Transfers - Support staff members may request to be transferred from one school to another within the system. The Principals of the potential schools involved will be consulted with respect to the placement of support staff members requesting a transfer.
  4. Principal Initiated Transfers - Some support staff transfers may be initiated by the Principals. Before initiating the request to have a support staff member transferred, the Principal shall have identified to the support staff member in writing, the reason for making the request. The Principal should also discuss the situation with the support staff member concerned. A Division level administrator will consult with the support staff member(s) involved as to possible openings. They will have the support staff member visit the school and the Principal to discuss possible placement in such openings.